Risk Based Inspection

Risk-based Inspection (RBI) is a decision making technique for inspection planning based on risk comprising of the consequence of failure (CoF) and probability of failure (PoF). It is a formal approach designed to aid the development of optimized inspection plans, and recommendations for monitoring and testing plans for production systems. RBI provides focus for inspection activity, to address explicitly the threats to the integrity of the asset and its capability to generate revenue through production.

We develop RBI regime concurrent with energy industry’s best practice, such as the HSE KP4 expectations, written scheme of examination and Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) 2000. Our RBI is based on a systematic and documented breakdown of the installation’s risks clearly showing the risk drivers and recommending appropriate actions. This also helps in resource optimization, job prioritization and cost savings by eliminating ineffective inspection, extending inspection intervals where reasonably practicable and allows greater asset uptime.