Material Failure Investigation

An unwanted failure, when happens creates significant downtime and productions losses. With years of experience Stratum Energy Solution helps its client get around the problem by giving deep insight on the failure mechanism and prevent recurrences.

Failure analysis is a critical process of determining the root cause of the problems. It helps not only to eliminate the problem but sets benchmark for process improvements and optimization. The process utilizes different technical disciplines and uses variety of observation, inspection and laboratory techniques. An open mind is required while examining the data and evidences to foster a clear, unbiased perspective of the failure.

Differentiating between the pre and post failure features are key factors at deriving probable cause(s) of the failure. Methodically performed, failure analysis is a key step in correcting and preventing failures, achieving high level of quality and reliability and ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

A team of dedicated staff, driven by a common passion to offer quality service to its clientele helps in identifying the root cause of the failure (RCA)