Stratum Energy Solutions

Driven by our objective of serving the energy sector, Stratum Energy Solutions was established with the aim of providing specialized asset management services to the clients. With an aspiration to become “one-stop shop” that offers a multitude of services to its client, Stratum Energy Solutions has opened its office in Islamabad. We aim to create “a reliable present that would lead to a promising tomorrow”.

Backed by a team of international experts and technical authorities in their respective field, our services are designed to support challenges faced by the energy sector and range from Asset Integrity Management during concept definition, design, operations & decommissioning phases of project lifecycle.

Key Benefits

Reduced asset/equipment downtime

Risk Identification & Quantification

Product Value Enhancement

Value/Risk based inspection

Optimized maintenance schedules

Late-life investment decision support

Code and statutory compliance

Access to global expertise across many disciplines

Our Goals

We strive to develop client specific AIM requirements and develop integrity management regime
by focusing on the following key aspects of the process:

  • Identify, assess and prioritize threats and enhancement opportunities in an asset.
  • Consistently manage and control inspections and maintenance.
  • Consistently manage plant modifications and repairs.
  • Consistently manage downtime of plant due to programmed/planned shutdowns.
  • Consistently manage asset integrity records.
  • Minimize faults in equipment during normal operation.
  • Demonstrate continued fitness-for-purpose and compliance to regulatory authorities worldwide.
  • Deliver sustainable production year on year to meet the business plan.
  • Consistently identify and manage safety, environmental and production critical elements.
  • Reduction in the number, likelihood and severity of undesired events (e.g. hydrocarbon releases, ignition, impact, material failure).
  • Increased safety and protection from injury.
  • Increased integrity and reliability of operating plant.
  • Enhancement and improvement of reputation as a prudent and responsible operator, and reduce liabilities.



Reliability Assurance

Reliability is the ability of an item to perform a required function, under given conditions of production, environment, and usage, for a required time interval.

Condition Assessment of Pressure Systems

Our experts will define the means by which Pressure Systems Equipment Integrity Assurance is achieved through appropriately defined inspection, monitoring and mitigation.

Structural Reliability Analysis of Pipelines

We perform employ Structural Reliability Analysis (SRA) techniques to provide a measure of uncertainty due to time defendant threats when targeted inspection is used...

Risk Based Inspection

Risk-based Inspection (RBI) is a decision making technique for inspection planning based on risk comprising of the consequence of failure (CoF) and probability of failure (PoF).

Corrosion Assessment & Control

A highly contagious phenomenon, when happens, also affects nearby material resulting in catastrophic failures. What makes it more devastating is the variety of conditions under ...

In-Service Design Verification, Written Scheme of ...

AIM in-service verification undertaken by us is documented in written integrity management schemes. The main steps in developing these schemes usefully summarize the entire management process ...

Fitness for Service & Defect Assessment Studies

Fitness-For-Service (FFS) assessments are quantitative engineering evaluations that are performed to demonstrate the structural integrity of an in-service component that may contain a flaw or damage.

Anomaly Management

Integrity management is assured by the active management of hazards and threats throughout the entire lifecycle of an asset starting from feasibility studies, design, construction...

Production Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability is a potential cause of failure which is likely to result in a delay to start-up and/or production deferral that does not yet have a plan to mitigate the defined consequence...

Operating Philosophies & Procedures

We have expert industrial knowledge in the development of asset integrity management strategies, philosophies and procedures such...

Material Failure Investigation

An unwanted failure, when happens creates significant downtime and productions losses. With years of experience Stratum Energy Solution helps its client get around the problem...

Material Characterization

With the aim of creating awareness and realization of importance of material characterization, Stratum Energy Solutions is trying to provide a platform ...

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